Sugar Dish

Mouth Watering Erotic Poetry

by Lotus Falcon





Sugar Dish: Mouth Watering Erotic Poetry is a celebration of human sexuality at its finest, written out of respect for womanhood and women’s issues. This collection of poems embraces those earthly desires that are prominent in some and latent in others. It raises and stimulates our consciousness to a level of awareness that may be new for some and unfamiliar to others.


This book takes the reader by the hand and leads them on a journey from the darkness into the light. It helps in transitioning one from apprehension to self-assurance.


Sugar Dish: Mouth Watering Erotic Poetry reminds us that being a lady does not mean that women can’t also be a freak between the sheets. It reminds us that deep inside every nice girl is a “naughty girl” trying to come up for air.